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Effectiveness of lesson planning: factor analysis.

The paper presents the conceptual framework that guided the

development of the Lesson Plan Evaluation Rubric (LPER) instrument

derived from the Four Stages of Lesson Planning (FSLP) strategy and the

empirical results that prov

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Top 10 Lesson Plan Template Forms and Websites

Printable Lesson Templates, Forms, and Planning Guidance

I like experimenting with new ways to approach lesson planning. If you're looking for some fresh lesson templates, printable forms, and organizational support, these ten websites prov read more...

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Mental Health Store

Theaters of Trauma: Dialogues for Healing

A maste

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How 'hanbok' is influencing biggest fashion names

So much so that when Lee Young Hee, among South Korea's most renowned hanbok designers, showed her collection in Paris for the first time in 1993, most of the fashion press alluded to her silhouettes as "kimonos" -- to the horror of both the desig read more...

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The 7 weirdest things made by 3D printing

The cost of Promotional Items 3D printing has long kept the technology in a select few hands, but all that is changing as 3D printing b read more...

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Embroidery Designs Has Lots of Creativity.

Embroidery has been one of the most ideal interests of females in all periods and on all major regions. The attractive appeal of a stitched item is complicated not to really like. The pain and proper care that goes into developing embroidery creat read more...